September 20, 2018
Donald Kerry Frey likes to consider himself to be more than a tech entrepreneur. His passion for information leads him to have a desire to encourage better information consumption. It is possible for everyone to better consume information and to learn how to use it to make the world a better place. It is that goal that motivated Donald Kerry Frey to found both Frey Robotics ( and its news companion site, the Nova Tribune ( Frey Robotics tries to inform readers regarding the current state of technology. By doing so in a certain way, Donald Kerry Frey hopes to make readers more likely to accept the reality that robotics represents the future. He also hopes to make them less worried about the future.

Along the same lines, Donald Kerry Frey also created the purposefully unbiased news site Nova Tribune with the goal of approaching all issues from all perspectives. His news site serves as an alternative to news consumers; one that informs them through articles that reflect multiple fields and interests.